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Dot's Diner

New! A song filk by Katzedecimal to the tune of "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega.

I did these!Summaries-in-a-Nano

Ultra-condensed summaries of ReBoot episodes and fan fiction.

I did these! An Unexpected Gift

Right before the third birthday of Slack & Hash's Domain, Slack jokingly posted some shameless please for gifts - art, money, chocolate, anything! Instead, she got a pleasant surprise: a poem written in honor of the occasion by Mister Megabyte.

I did these! Multi-Birthday Fic

In honor of the birthdays of Slack & Hash's Domain, Julia-Cat's ReBoot Corner, and A Minor Glitch, Rebecca wrote a ficlet. How about that, she's both thoughtful and economical!

ReBoot Season IV haikus

Haikus by Ryuu for the major characters in Season 4.

Bobby So Lovely

A filk written by Ryuu to the tune of "David Duchovny" by Bree Sharp. The title says it all!

The Top 10 Explanations for the White Hexadecimal Action Figure

One of the upcoming ReBoot action figures is something called a "White Hexadecimal". What's up with that? She never appeared that way in the series, and that action figure is slated to appear in November, after "Daemon Rising" airs. So, let the wild speculation on just what the heck this figure is begin!

I did these!MiSTed: "White Noise" and The Sprite in Black"

Once upon a time Joshua Falken wrote some ReBoot stories. Now, in this installment of Jen White's "MiST on the Ghost Planet" series, these stories get the thoughtful, line-by-line commentaty as only Space Ghost, Brak, and Zorak can provide.

Virus Side

A poem written by Sarah Blomenkamp about what Melissa might have thought as she jumped in "West Sector Story #3: Install, Uninstall." (Other than AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!)

The Boots of Mainframe

Katzedecimal shares her thoughts on... uh, boots.

The Top 10 Things We'd Like to Hear These Characters Say:

I did these!By Slack: I did these! By Hash:

Melissa, Melissa

A song for Melissa from the West Sector Story series. This was written by Freelance Guardian Ren Foxx and goes to the tune of "Maria Maria".

I did these! Poems and Songs by Hash

Dark Lady - A song for Hexadecimal, to the tune of the song by Cher.
Losing Faith - a poem by Hash. Dot comes to grip with the fact that Bob may never return.

I did these! The ReBoot Drinking Game

Just what the world needs, another variation on this theme! Here's Slack's peculiar take on the subject.

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