The Top 10 Explanations for the White Hexadecimal Action Figure

by Katzedecimal

10. Her masks were actually a mini-Virus. When Bob defragged them, he accidently unleashed the dormant Virus, which then infected her and took over her body, causing her to turn completely white.
9. Terrible accident at the beautician. I swear, you ask for a simple frost'n'tip.....
8. Terrible accident at the laudromat. Don't ask, and don't ever mention Clorox to her again.
7. "Oh, we don't need to use a fork-lift to pick up that bulk order of Liquid Paper. We'll ask Hexadecimal to float it." -- Right, Phong, too bad you disrupted her concentration....
6. Got a leetle too enthusiastic about whitewashing Bob's apartment.
5. Terrible accident with the make-up department.
4. Got into her first game cube. It was "Care Bears." (Some things will scare even Chaos Viruses!)
3. Saw Lar DeSouza's revelation of the True Identity of Daemon(-kins)
2. Learned that she's not actually a Virus, she's an Operating Syst... no wait, I'm sorry, that's only if she'd turned blue....
And the number one explanation for the White Hexadecimal action figure:
1. The Abominable Snow Virus, Yetidecimal.

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