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Two completed series inhabit this page: Daemon Blast and West Sector Story, and one series in progress, The Silence of The RAM. There's also some miscellaneous stuff, both silly and serious. Daemon Blast takes place after the restart. West Sector Story is about the past of Mainframe and the Twin City, and their various denizens. The Silence of The RAM picks up right at the end of the fourth season. Enjoy!

The Silence of The RAM

I wrote these! "Happy Ending" Megabyte has infected the Principle Office and Our heroes are running for their lives. Virus and Sprites are locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse. </cliche> Who will survive?

I wrote these! "Predator" Megabyte finds that some aspects of Sprite life are very enjoyable - when he plays by his own rules.

I wrote these! "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" How can Bob, Dot, and AndrAIa survive when faces with a User who cheats?

I wrote these! "Shades of Blue" Some familiar faces are back in town.

I wrote these! "Gambits" The hunt resumes - but who is the hunted now?

I wrote these! "Before the Dawn" - How many people can keep a secret this big, and for how long?

I did these! New! "Closure" - The end of The Hunt, and the finale of this series. If somebody loses, does anyone necessarily win?

Daemon Blast

I wrote these! "Viroid Mary" Slack's first ReBoot story. How big a pain in the neck can Hexadecimal be? You'd be surprised...

I wrote these! "The Dead Bob Show" - Two Sprites in love. A Virus in beta. A game cube in Floating Point Park. A recipe for danger - or a wacky nutty laugh riot?

I wrote these! "Sticks and Stones" - Four Sprites are being hunted. But by whom - or what?

I wrote these! "The Church of the Poisoned Mind" - Mainframe is about to be invaded - or has the invasion already begun?

I wrote these! "Slice of Life" - An old friend and a new character make their appearances in Mainframe, making Our Heroes face the future.

I wrote these! "One in a Million" - Forced to seek shelter and repair the Saucy Mare, Our Heroes visit the most... unusual system they've ever seen.

I wrote these! "WebWorld" - Our Heroes and the crew of the Saucy Mare have other foes to fight besides Daemon.

I wrote these! Sweet 1.6" - Our Heroes reach the Supercomputer.  The fun and games have just begun!

I wrote these! "Gordian Knot, Part 1" - Enter the Daemon. Exit the Guardian?

I wrote these! "Gordian Knot, Part 2" - Daemon Blast earns its name. Some survive, some don't.

I wrote these! "Rest and Reclamation" - They may have dealt with Daemon, but Our Heroes aren't finished yet.

Inspirational art and teasers for upcoming stories

West Sector Story

I wrote these!"The Lion's Den" - One sprite woman must decide where she stands.

I wrote these! "Paradigms" - Which is the worse threat to the Twin City - viral infection or games?

I wrote these! "Install, Uninstall" - Viruses have difficult decisions to face too.

I wrote these! "Minimall of Terror" - Whoever said that Viruses and Users do not mix had it wrong. They mix all too well.

I wrote these! "Citizen K" - Kilobyte mounts an attack on the Blaine Center. Why? Good question.

I wrote these! "The Patchwork Girl" - How did Hexadecimal get her powers and masks?

I wrote these! "Tyger! Tyger!" - A young Megabyte fights for the right to fulfil his programming.

I wrote these!"Nervous Breakdown" - The final chapter. When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.

Inspirational art

Miscellaneous Stuff

I did these! "A Modest Proposal"

I posted a challenge meme in my livejournal, and the winners got a bit of fic from me based on their idea. Rebecca Hb was the first winner, and her request was "Something with Megabyte and Dot." This post-season-4 fic was the result. (This story is not part of the "Silence of The RAM" continuity.)

I did these! "CHAOS"

Here's another short story based on that fanfic meme. Yarol_2075 stumped me and requested "Something with Hexadecimal and her wonderful, playful chaos." This gave me an excuse to write out a scene that I'd thought up some time ago and never worked into a fic, and also to take "chaos" very literally!

I did these!"A Funny Thing Happened to Me in The Game Cube"

People asked me for a story about Haiku. So here's a story about Haiku. Bet they'll never do that again.

I did these!"Love and Time"

A very short piece - I'd call it a sketch in prose form - written in an attempt to get inside Daemon's head. It takes place right after she infects Matrix and Mouse in "What's Love Got to Do With It?"

I did these!"Monty Python's Flying Circuits"

A bizarre stream of consciousness that originated in an E-mail conversation beween Slack and Katzedecimal, and sorta spiraled out of control.

I did these!"Monty Python's Flying Circuits 2: Silly Talks"

The madness continues! Pepperpots. fish preparation, silly talk, and a special guest star.

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