Quote of the Week Contest

Winners' Circle, January - June 2003

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January 4, 2003
A new action figure!
"The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel
Winner: Kat Burke

January 11, 2003
Dueling Guitars
"On Broadway,"
Winner: ArtSoft

 January 18, 2003
Does this bother you? I'm not touching you!
"You Might Think" by The Cars
Winner: Ryuu

 January 25, 2003
Burn Baby Burn
The "Gilligan's Island" theme song
Winner: ArtSoft

February 1, 2003
How about The Null Network?
"I Can't Watch This" by Weird Al Yankovic
Winner: GamingHeart

February 8, 2003
Is this bugging you?  I'm not touching you!
"It's Not Easy Being Green"
Winner: Val

 February 15, 2003
Tie dye for an '80s song?
"The Living Years"
by Mike and The Mechanics
Winner: ArtSoft

February 22, 2003
What, never? No, never!
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"
by The Eurythmics
Winner: GamingHeart

March 1, 2003
Aren't you glad this isn't anime?
"The Time Warp" from RH(P)S
Winner: ArtSoft
(Another prize! Music video CDs this time!)

 March 8, 2003
"There is Beauty in The Bellow of The Blast"
From "The Mikado" by G&S
Winner: Val

March 15, 2003
Oh, the tepidity.
"One Night in Bangkok"
Winner: Ryuu
(Another prize!)

March 22, 2003
This particularly rapid unintelligible patter isn't generally heard and if it is it doesn't matter.
Bugs Bunny in "What's Opera, Doc?"
Winner: GamingHeart

March 29, 2003
I want to sit over there!  No, wait, I AM sitting over there.
"Me of Me" from "Shock Treatment"
Winner: Brenda Ana

April 5, 2003
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Sprites?
"Turning Japanese" by The Vapors
Winner: Brenda Ana

 April 12, 2003
I do NOT need braces!
"She Bop" by Cyndi Lauper
Winner: Little Nicole

April 19, 2003
I do NOT need braces!
"Billy Don't Be A Hero"
by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods
Winner: Brenda Ana

April 26, 2003
Must... chant... in... fragments!
"Achy Breaky Song" by Weird Al Yankovic
Winner: Brenda Ana
   (4 wins!  She gets a null!)

 May 3, 2003
Like a wheel within a wheel
"Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"
Winner: Brenda Ana

May 10, 2003
Turn on your neck light
"You Belong to Me"
Winner: Bluemuse

May 17, 2003
Betcha can't eat just one.
"Fish Heads" by Barnes & Barnes
Winner: Katzedecimal

May 24, 2003
Shall... we... dance? One-two-three!
"Take On Me" by A-Ha
Winner: MADKAT30

May 31, 2003
How sad IS she?
"Tears of a Clown" by Smokey Robinson
Winner: Little Nicole

June 7, 2003
Is this illusion or is this reality?
"The Boys of Summer"
Winner: GamingHeart
  (Another null adopted!)

June 14, 2003
A katana has The Mouse, dear
"It's All About The Pentiums"
by Weird Al Yankovic
Winner: Mostly Not Triangular

June 21, 2003
Cruisin' down the Gulf Stream
"Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants
Winner: Permanently Confused

June 28, 2003
It's 'And I only HAS one eye.' Grammar, people!
"I Yam what I Yam"
from "Popeye, The Movie"
Winner: Ryuu

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