ReBoot Smilies

First they were little symbols created with the shift key and the top row of the keyboard. Then people started making little smiley graphics. Then others started making smilies of their favorite characters. So here's the logical conclusion for the ReBoot fandom. It's a work in progress; I'll make more smilies as ideas strike me.

If you would like to use these on your own site or message board, go ahead. You have my permission, as long as you put the files on your site as opposed to linking to the ones here, and post a credit note & link (like "Icons from Slack & Hash's Domain") nearby.

The Good Guys

Bob Bob Jean-Luc Zero Binome #1
Glitch Bob Glitch Bob Pink Binome Zero Binome #2
Dot Matrix Dot Matrix One Binome 1 One Binome #1
Enzo Matrix Enzo Matrix One Binome 2 One Binome #2
Mouse Mouse One Binome 3 One Binome #3
AndrAIa AndrAIa One Binome 4 One Binome #4
Little AndrAIa Little AndrAIa
Matrix Matrix Guess Who? Creative License
Grr! Angry Matrix
G'day, Mate! Ray Tracer
Mike!! Mike the TV

The Bad Guys

Happy Hex 1 Happy Hex 2 Mean Megabyte
Neutral Hex 1 Neutral Hex 2 Surprised Megabyte
Evil Hex 1 Evil Hex 2 Bored Megabyte
Angry Hex 1 Angry Hex 2 Sad Megabyte
Surprised Hex 1 Surprised Hex 2 Narcoleptic Megabyte
Sad Hex 1 Sad Hex 2  Frowny Megabyte's Frowny
Goofy Hex 1 Goofy Hex 2

Viral Zero

Viral Zero



So many moods, so little time.

Animated Hex



Angry Hack

Angry Hack


Skuzzy  Angry Slash Angry Slash

Woried Hack

Worried Hack

 Woried Slash Worried Slash

Narcoleptic Hack

Tired Hack

There is no past. There is no future. There is only the smiley.

Daemon   Narcoleptic Slash Tired Slash

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