Slack & Hash's Artwork

I drew these! Smilies

First they were little symbols created with the shift key and the top row of the keyboard. Then people started making little smiley graphics. Then others started making smilies of their favorite characters. So here's the logical conclusion for the ReBoot fandom: ReBoot character smilies.

I drew these! Mood Icons

Yes, Slack and Hash are ripping off another Internet tradition, this time those little "my mood" graphics you see in online journals. There are kitties, devils, balloony things in various colors... why not ReBoot mood icons? So far there are complete sets for Hexadecimal, Dot, AndrAIa, Mouse, Enzo/Matrix, Phong, Megabyte, Daemon, White Hexadecimal, Ray Tracer, Turbo, Frisket, Mike the TV, Melissa, and the nulls, and double sets for Bob and Hack & Slash. And much, much more!

I drew these! Chibis

What would the "Reboot" characters look like if they were drawn in the squashed-down anime style? You were wondering that, right? So was Slack.

I drew these!Cheesecake I did these!

We just couldn't resist putting up some sexy pictures of our favorite characters. However, these pictures are only PG-13, meaning that you won't see anyone's naughty bytes.


Baudryder has rendered some pictures of Slack and Hash in 3DS Max. Yes, the goofy little mascots of this site have finally made it to 3-D CGI!

ReBoot Anthropomorphics

(Which is a fancy way of saying funny-animal versions of the ReBoot characters)

I drew these!Stoopid Hex Pics

Yes, it's a section devoted to making our favorite dangerously powerful Virus look foolish! Or maybe not so foolish, though foolishness is fun.

I drew these!Fanfic-Based Art

Is on the Fanfiction and Teasers pages. Story illustrations are on the former page, and general pictures and art based on stories not yet released are on the latter.

I did these! The Legend of ReBoot

It's just another cycle in Mainframe...until a Game with different rules arrives. Some lovely B&W sketches and full-color images by Silvestris based on an idea by Hash. Visit Silvestris's Studio - it has a lot more of her art!

I drew these! ReBoot: The Animated Series

I drew these!Other Artwork

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