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CD-ROM Offer

Let's face it, RM files are a compromise. I've posted them in the highest quality I can manage without making the files too repulsively huge, but, still, there's a noticeable loss in quality. Plus, if you don't have a fast connection they can take a long time to download.

Well, I've kept the original source files, thanks to my new CD burner. And I have remade MPGs and highest-quality RM files of all of 'em. Lemme tell you, they look a LOT better, especially the ones I made from DVD clips. And they all fit on two CD-ROMs... and I've had inquiries since I offered it as an alternate prize for the Quote of the Week... so, if you really want one of these CD-ROM sets, here's what you can do: write to me and say you want Slack & Hash's song videos. I'll send you my mailing address. You send me two blank data CDs (decently packaged, so they don't arrive damaged!) and a self-addressed, stamped return package. I burn the videos onto the CDs, drop them into the return package, and mail 'em back to you.

Yeah, I know this is a tad more complicated than just "Send me a few bucks to cover the CDs and postage," but I don't want there to be any confusion on one point: I am not doing this for profit. I don't want any money to change hands. I just want to make high-quality versions of these videos available to those who really want them. S'awright?

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