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These movie files can be played using RealPlayer 8. I highly recommend saving the videos to your computer and then playing them, rather than opening them directly; they usually play much more smoothly that way.

These videos are now available in much higher quality MPG form on CD-ROM. Want a copy?

Max 300 New! "Max 300" - Megabyte and Matrix beat each other up to the tune of the original 10-foot monster song from "Dance Dance Revolution." 1:33, 2.5 MB, zipped.
Trigger Happy "Trigger Happy" for our favorite Gun-totin' renegade. 3:34, 3.9 MB, zipped.
I Live in A Split-Level Head "I Live in A Split-Level Head" for Hack and Slash. 1:22, 2.3 MB, zipped.
Hallelujah "Hallelujah," about Bob and Dot during "My Two Bobs." Can you tell whose side I'm on? 4:01, 4.4 MB, zipped.
All will hear the Word "I'm a Believer," dedicated to Daemon. This video was inspired by A Minor Glitch's video, and the idea was ripped off with her permission. 2:46, 4.9 MB, zipped.
I've got THESE and I'm not afraid to use 'em! "Tubular Boobular Joy," dedicated to the hot bodies of Mainframe and the fans who drool over them. This one's rated PG; I'll let you guess why. 54 seconds, 1.5 MB, zipped.
Lady in Red "Lady in Red" A mournful little video dedicated to the Lady of Chaos. Based on the events of "Daemon Rising." 4:07, 6.8 MB, zipped.
Battle Ballet "Battle Ballet" - Inspired by "A Clockwork Orange," Our Heroes kick User butt to the tune of "The Thieving Magpie" by Rossini. 2:51 long, 4.7 M.

Digga Digga Dog "Digga Digga Dog" - With the help of Roeboot, who came up with the idea and wrote the shooting scropt, Frisket finally gets a video.  3:24 long, 5.7 M.
Invasion of The Gabber Robots "Invasion of The Gabber Robots" - The meme that just wouldn't die invades Mainframe. 3:48 long, 6.3 M.
Get Over It "Get Over It" - For the Scowling Green Giant. 3:28 long, 5.8 M.
Anthem "Anthem" - Dedicated to the city of Mainframe. 3:00 long, 7.7M.
Misirlou "Misirlou" - Ray Tracer surfs to the tune of the theme to "Pulp Fiction." 2:12 long, 5.7M.
Don't Give Up "Don't Give Up" - Finally, a video for AndrAIa, thanks to Al's Waiter, who suggested the song. 3:32 long, 9.1M.
Once in a While "Once in a While" - A bittersweet song about Bob and Dot's rocky romance. Ah, schmaltz... 3:15 long, 5.4M.
She's Always A Woman to Me "She's Always a Woman to Me" - That's the LEAST you can say about The Mouse. 3:15 long, 8.4M.
Nowhere Man "Nowhere Man," Slack's first real video. Starring Megabyte. 2:41 long, 7M.
You Always Hurt the One You Love "You Always Hurt the One You Love" This is a 2M, 48 second, unashamedly silly video Slack put together quickly, before she could come to her senses. The music is by Spike Jones.
It's In His Kiss "It's In His Kiss" for Bob and Dot. 2:48 long, 6.8M.
Hyperactive "Hyperactive" for Hexadecimal. 3:54 long, 10M.
Pressure "Pressure" for Matrix. An intense kinda song for an intense kinda guy. 4:40 long, 7.7M.
Holding Out for a Hero "Holding Out for a Hero" for everyone's favorite, Bob. This video is based on the concept and storyboard by Wendy "Hash" Lee. 4:24 long, 7.4M
You Always Hurt the One You Love You Always Hurt the One You Love" Not a ReBoot video this time, but one for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Also to the tune of the Spike Jones song. 48 seconds, 2.1M

All of these videos are original compositions, composed by Slack as opposed to simply digitized off the television or another source. Please do not re-archive these elsewhere without permission! "Nowhere Man" is by The Beatles, and is © 1965 EMI Recordings Ltd. "You Always Hurt the One You Love" is by Spike Jones. "It's In His Kiss" is by Vonda Shepard, and the song was performed by Cher. "Hyperactive" is by Thomas Dolby, and is © 1983 Lost Toy People, Inc. (ASCAP). "Pressure" is by Billy Joel. "Holding Out for a Hero" is copyright © 1984 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and performed by Bonnie Tyler. "She's Always a Woman" is by Billy Joel, and is © 1977 Impulsive Music (ASCAP). Once in a while, from "The Rocky Horror Show" (Roxy version) is by Richard O'Brien. "Don't Give Up" is by Michael W. Smith and Brent Bourgeois, and is ©1998 W.B.M. Music Corp/ADC Music/Edinburg Songs (SESAC)/Milene Music, Inc./Deer Valley (ASCAP). "Anthem" is © 1985 Three Knights Ltd. "Get Over It" is © The Eagles. "Invasion of The Gabber Robots" is © The Laziest Men on Mars. "Digga Digga Dog" is by Oren Waters. "Lady in Red" is © Chris DeBurgh. "Tubular Boobular Joy" is copyright © Best Brains Inc. "I'm a Believer" is by Smash Mouth. "Hallelujah" is by Leonard Cohen and recorded by Rufus Wainwright. "I Live in a Split-Level Head" is by Jim Lehner and Jerry "Napoleon XIV" Samuels. "The Thieving Magpie" is by Rossini, and is way out of copyright now. "Trigger Happy" is by Weird Al Yankovic. "Max 300" is © Konami. is All clips are from "ReBoot," which is copyright, trademarked, et cetera Mainframe Entertainment, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is owned by Twentieth Century Fox. All of these were used without permission but with much love and respect,and are not intended as a challenge to the copyright holders.

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