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Doujinshi commentary: First Impression

Circle:    ?    First Impression: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, serious stories & pinups. 18 pages.





The first story in this manga stars Zidane and Blank. It's a talky one, with little action - in fact, the most action is when Zidane picks up a glass with his tail! - so I can't say much about it, really. The second story is also talky, first with Zidane and Salamander, then Salamander and Freya.

The pinups are all of Zidane, or Zidane and other characters like Kuja and Salamander. I get the feeling that someone likes drawing Zidane a lot. :)

I could not find all of the kanji in the circle's name. If you can interpret this, please tell me what it means!

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