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Doujinshi are comics published by fans in Japan. Here are some samples and commentaries on some Final Fantasy 9 doujinshi.

Fan Fiction

Beside Myself - A short story written to explain the Vivi issue at the end, and to give the Black Mages hope for the future.

No Need to be Sad - Nobody lives forever...

New! Humanity - How have Vivi's "children" fared since Kuja's defeat?

Night on the Phantom Train by Katzedecimal. This is an 8-Bit Theater fanfic that fits in somewhere between episodes 383 and 395, between Black Mage's death and, er, undeath. As a special bonus, here are some author's notes which can make the events and settings a little clearer.

Fan Art

Celes An adult first generation Vivi-series Black Mage. Not an exact copy... and nobody ever accused Black Mages of being fashion plates.
Cute Couple Newlyweds Vivi and Quina. Don't they look so happy?
Big Bird A B&W sketchook doodle of Vivi riding a Chocobo. Vivi looks a bit older in this picture...
Glirendree A general final fantasy fan character. She's a mage, but what kind I'm not quite sure of. Black, white, red?  Er...
(Background taken from Hexen graphics.)

Taking a Wark

Vivi and Mikoto, some years later. Mikoto seems to have mellowed out a tad, and Vivi's having more luck finding clothes that fit.
(Background patched together from Hexen graphics. God, I'm lazy.)

KiSS Doll

Here is, as far as I know, the first released Vivi KiSS doll. KiSS (short for kisekae) dolls are the computer version of paper dolls, meaning you can dress them up in different costumes and give them accessories. There's also music and animation and other oddness, because I always have to stick that kind of stuff in. You can download the dolls from my main KiSS page, or click on the thumbnail at right to see a preview of the whole doll.

Need more info on what a KiSS doll is and how to play it? That, too, is on my main KiSS page!

8-Bit Theater Fan Art

Comic 4A Doodled in response to a very funny guest comic. I just continued the story a li'l.
In Your Dreams, Black Mage. A pinup of White Mage as seen in Black Mage's dreams. Any similarity to reality is purely coincidental.
Sublimation Drawn to address the cookie-related injustice in the May 29, 2003 issue.
(This comic was posted during a Guest Comic week in 8-Bit Theater!)
Black Mage meets Vivi An odd idea that occurred to me, and in a moment of weakess I drew it up.
No Peeking! What does Black Mage look like under his hat?  Probably not like this.
The Only Way to Travel An "Ersatz 8-Bit Theater" comic. Okay, they don't get chocobos until the second FF game, but can't blame 'em for trying.
Merry Christmas, Black Mage! Another "Ersatz 8-Bit Theater" comic. This was used as a guest comic in December 2003.
Red Mage: Save the Queen! Red Mage's alter ego, Debora, as Beatrix from FF9.
Hence the Stabbitiness Another"Ersatz 8-Bit Theater" comic. What does Black Mage really look like under his hat?

Guest Fan Art

The Pink Mage Vivi meets Little Bo Peep?  By RapunzelK.
Robeless Black Mage What does 8BT Black Mage look like under his robe? By Katzedecimal. B&W.
Thief The 8BT Thief in all his Elfy glory. By Katzedecimal.
Black Magia The 8BT Black Mage in drag. Hey, it did happen! By Katzedecimal.
Black Mage An Oriental-looking 8BT Black Mage by Katzedecimal.
White Mage A very cute picture of the 8BT White Mage. By Katzedecimal.
Vivi's Revenge By Lar. This was drawn after seeing my comments bewailing the frequent Vivicide in FF9 doujinshi. What if Vivi went psycho and took his revenge on those who delight in writing and drawing death scenes for him?

Music Video

People are Strange People are Strange

A music video about Vivi and the other Black Mages in Final Fantasy IX to the tune of "People are Strange" by The Doors.
This is a zipped RM file, playable with RealMedia 8 or above.
(A better copy of this video is available on CD-ROM from Slack & Hash's Music Video page.)

Goofy Stuff

Kupo! A WAV of the FF9 moogle Kupo noise. Makes a good Windows "Exclamation" sound
Eiko's Cooking Have you looked closely at what she served for dinner?
Escher's Castle Either there's a glitch in the FF9 programming or Zidane can warp space.

Merchandise has Final Fantasy 9, used and new copies. And they also have the Official Strategy Guide, the 4-CD soundtrack, the original soundtrack, FF9 piano collections soundtrack, and other Final Fantasy soundtracks by Nobuo Uematsu.

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