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Doujinshi commentary: Ai no Otanbi Gekijou

Circle:    unknown    Ai no Otanbi Gekijou: Front Cover
Type:   G, gags and a gallery. 22 pages.






Here we have a doujinshi that gets one message across firmly: Kuja is pretty. There may well be lots more, but as of yet even the title and the name of the circle have eluded me. The art, however, speaks quite clearly, starting with a good shot of Kuja's memorable hip-swaying walk from the FMV in Burmecia. There are a few Kuja x Zidane gags, for example Zidane going to rescue Kuja in the Iifa tree, and finding him waiting naked and in a come-hither pose, with a cute little ribbon tied around his tail. (It ends there, with Zidane startled and Kuja very disappointed. If it went on beyond the gag - or if Kuja wasn't well fig-leafed - I wouldn't be reviewing it here.  ;)  )

The gallery prominently features... well, pretty-Kuja pictures. They're quite well drawn, not to mention feminine. If that's your thing, you'll love this one.

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