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Doujinshi commentary: Atomic Crash!

Circle:    2Capsule Zone    Atomic Crash!: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 31 pages.
Date:   2000/8/26

Here we have another gag doujinshi by 2Capsule Zone. Unlike the Maniac Junkey series, this one is Final Fantasy 9 only. Well, almost only. Cloud appears in one gag; his sword thunks into Kuja's back and he declares that he is not a puppet. (Methinks he's confusing Kuja with Sephiroth.) In another gag Zidane tries to play Tetra Master with Squall, and is baffled by his face card.

The first gag in this book is my favorite. Vivi sees Quina sleeping on the ground, which reminds him of when his grandfather used to hold him as he slept. So, he climbs up on Quina and goes to sleep. Then Eiko comes by and, wanting that perch for herself, tells Vivi that she saw Puck. Vivi goes off in search of his friend, and Eiko leaps up onto Quina, exclaiming that s/he's soft as a futon and all hers. And Quina rolls over, dumping Eiko off. In another gag Eiko, Garnet, and Zidane speculate about what Vivi looks like under his clothes. Eiko draws a cartoony shadow demon. Zidane says that, in that case, he thinks that Vivi looks like a small human, but all black. Garnet's guess is that Vivi looks like a regular, cute little boy when he takes off his hat - and the other two object to that as absolutely ridiculous. However, what Zidane is thinking is "How could she think Vivi's cuter than me?" and Eiko is thinking "In that case, he's mine!" (Providing my translations are correct, of course.)

There are other gags involving various cast members, most of all Blank and Kuja. Especially Kuja, who is as lovely as ever. The artwork in 2Capsule Zone's works is always good, but I can tell that the artist really likes drawing Kuja!

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