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Doujinshi commentary: First Game

Circle:    GokuRaku Paradise    First Game: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 18 pages.





The stories and gags in this doujinshi are based on the premise of Vivi having a crush on Zidane... and especially Zidane's tail. In the main story, Vivi shyly confesses that there's someone he likes, and Zidane teases the answer out of him - that it's Zidane. When, later, Vivi sees Zidane meeting with a woman, Vivi panics and grabs Zidane by the tail. Apparently a genome's tail is very sensitive... Soon news spreads of Zidane's "weak spot." There are a few pages of very roughly drawn gags, mostly about Zidane's tail, which Vivi has fallen in love with.

What an odd little doujinshi. Not only for the tail fetish motif, but for the way Vivi is portrayed. Usually in doujinshi he's a tiny and/or melancholy little creature. Here he's the size he was in the game - tall enough to look Zidane in the chest - and not only has a crush, but is assertive enough to act on it. Even Eiko can't bulldoze him for once. Could Vivi actually be growing up? (Masaka!) Vivi blushes a lot, which is drawn as horizontal ovals below the vertical ovals of his eyes.

This doujinshi was printed on a photocopier on large paper and then saddle-stapled. Alas, my copy has a badly printed page in the middle.

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