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Doujinshi commentary: Fore Doom

Circle:    Kurumi-Bayasi    Fore Doom: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 18 pages.





In one of the gags in this doujinshi, Vivi spooks Garnet by using his eyes like headlights. Which, when you think about it, they are, but not usually this literally. Other gags feature Zidane, Dagger (with both long hair and short), Kuja, and Zorn & Thorn.

The serious story focuses on Vivi. He thinks about the Black Mages that fell from the cargo ship, life in the village, and other things. Then Zidane meets him outside, and they talk for a few pages. I haven't read closely enough to get the jist of what they are saying, but heart and death are keywords in the conversation.

This doujinshi is hand lettered, and normally that makes it very hard to read, but even though the lettering is not that neat it is still clear, the kanji readable. That's uncommon enough to be worth mentioning!

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