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Doujinshi commentary: Gaia Symphony

Circle:    Seventh Heaven    Gaia Symphony: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gag & serious stories. 42 pages.
Date:   2001/8/10  

This story starts off with a few gags, my favorite of which is about Vivi giving family names to Zidane and Garnet. He calls Zidane "uncle" (ojisan); Zidane seems not too happy with that, but Garnet is amused. Then Vivi starts to call Garnet "aunt" (oba...) and, suddenly terrified of being clobbered, apologizes for his verbal slip and correct it to "older sister" (oneechan). The main serious story is about Zidane rescuing Kuja from the Iifa tree, a fairly common plot in FF9 doujinshi. At the very end is another Zidane-Kuja conversation story, which is set apart by its lovely watercolory artwork. (The scan doesn't do it justice - it was printed on brown paper, and I had to up the brightness and contrast to keep it from looking like a block of grey.)

I really like the artwork in this comic. The B&W line art is smooth and appealing, and the characters are drawn with plenty of personality. (Look at the final picture of Dagger in the gag - check out the tension in her shoulder, neck, and fist versus the frozen smile on her face! Priceless.) The watercolor is a welcome change from the usual linework, and is... well, I just like the look of it a lot. I am not a huge fan of stories that focus on Zidane and Kuja, but the kind of art that appears in this doujinshi will keep my interest up.

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