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Doujinshi commentary: GO'na Long Long Trip! Monster

Circle:    L-C soul    GO'na Long Long Trip! Monster: Front Cover
Type:   G; gags, serious stories, and text. 54 pages.
Date:   2000/08/13

This doujinshi has several unusual features. First, it's 54 pages, about twice the length of the usual magazine. Second, the cover has a slightly metallic sheen, visible when the light reflects off of it. Third, the first four pages are in color - alas, the quality is that of a color photocopier, and the artwork is nothing special. Fourth, ten pages of this doujinshi are taken up by a text story.

There are some cute gags here. Eiko puts on some glasses, and they foul up her depth perception, making Vivi (who is closer) look much bigger than Steiner and the rest of the cast. Ruby sees Dagger's new look, with the short hair, and immediately wants to neaten up her hairstyle herself. The more serious stories involve Zidane getting his ears pierced so he can put in add-on earrings. He hangs around with Salamander, who looks put-upon until the very end.

I was a little hesitant when I first saw this doujinshi. The cover lists the pairings "Salamander x Zitan" and "Steiner x Vivi," and the back cover shows Zidane getting affectionate with Salamander. Worse, Zidane is drawn slightly girlishly, with blush in his cheeks and reddened lips. That, in other doujinshi, has been a hint of un-innocent activities between the covers. However, this time the alarms were false ones. There's one very light kiss (Salamander-Zidane) at the end, and even that seemed to be a joke, just meant to startle Zidane. There's no implication of anything stronger than that going on. As far as Steiner and Vivi go, the cover must be referring to the text story, because there's nothing else involving them together.

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