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Doujinshi commentary: Go on foot

Circle:    Ayuya/Mutsuki Ohsumi    Go on foot: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, serious story. 36+2 pages.





This is a one-story doujinshi starring Kuja and Zidane. Traveling by foot, they come to a small village. A boy knocks against Zidane in the street, then runs off. I suspect that he stole something from Zidane, from the events later in the story. It's hard to tell because, as are all doujinshi by Ayuya, it's hand-lettered, which makes reading and translating it that much more difficult.

Where does this take place? I haven't found a name for the village in the story. My first guess, from looking at the townspeople, was Dali. In the middle they visit some ruins that Kuja appears to remember, but which I can't place as anything specific from the game. And at the end we see barrel-like buildings with haystacklike roofs, much like the ones in the Black Mage Village, but without Black Mage villagers or smiley faces.

This has to be the most modest-looking Kuja I've ever seen. He's wearing basic black, and his legs are all but completely covered! He also acts very low-key, following Zidane's lead. He does fling a few small spells around, such as sleep, but that's it.

The odd page count from the unusual page numbering in this doujinshi. Most DJs start on page 3; the first content page of this is page 1, and it ends on page 36.

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