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Doujinshi commentary: Jenomater

Circle:    Oblaat    Jenomater: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 40 pages.





This doujinshi starts out with a homey little scene - Garland reading a paper, a younger Zidane pestering him - and then Kuja wanders in, carrying a Gucci bag. In another Zidane wakes up with kitty ears and slitted pupils. Salamander is shocked by this at first, and then finds a silver hair - Kuja's been playing tricks on them again. Steiner and Beatrix get very out-of-costume and work out at a gym. The serious story, Jenomater, revisits the "You're Not Alone!" scene. As it's quite talky I can't get much more than that out of it right now.

The back of the DJ has a couple of pages of photos and text that look like a blow-by-blow description of someone's vacation. That's something I haven't seen before in doujinshi.

As usual with Oblaat comics, this one has amusing gags, pleasant and distinctive artwork, and some definite touches of out-of-costume weirdness. I enjoyed it.

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