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Doujinshi commentary: karate chop

Circle:    Laian    karate chop: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 18 pages.
Date:   2001/12/29

This is a gag doujinshi, and therefore it has gags. Interesting how that works out, isn't it? Dagger asks Vivi to help make lunch, and, eager to help, he casts a fire spell. What's she making? The answer: sandwiches. (Oops.) In a longer story - the only one that runs over one page - Kuja has a new Black Mage servant, number 972. This one is remote controlled, and its modes are controlled by the six buttons on its controller. (For example, button 3 is "comforting" mode and button 6 is "fortunetelling" mode.) However, it can't run forever on a battery (!), and in fact it malfunctions and then "stops" soon thereafter.

Vivi is drawn as a blond human boy in most of this doujinshi. I seem to be getting a lot of human-Vivi DJs lately. However, the Black Mage servant is not humanized, and Vivi does not appear in that story. I can only think of one DJ in which the rest of the Black Mages were drawn as humans, though human Vivis are fairly common. Also worth noting: Black Mage No. 972 speaks only in katakana and without punctuation, which gives me the impression of an artificial, monotone voice.

Overall, fun DJ, I wish it were longer.

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