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Doujinshi commentary: King

Circle:    Mama*Kira    King: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gags & serious stories. 26 pages.
Date:   2001/08/10

This doujinshi has two serious stories. One is a conversation between Zidane and Garnet which, being talk and no action, doesn't come across as much to English speakers. The other is not much easier to read, but it's more interesting to look at, as it features Vivi, Eiko, and a lot more going on that one or two heads and speech bubbles per panel.

The gags are mostly one-page, game-based jokes. The jokes seem to be mostly verbal, so I can't tell much more than the situations. I did get a grin out of one on which Zidane appears to be playing on an invisible controller, as if imagining a game in progress. Hey, you play any game too long and that's bound to happen, with tendinitis as a bonus!

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