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Doujinshi commentary: Kiri no Miyako (Misty City)

Circle:    Uroko Poroporo (?)    Kiri no Miyako (Misty City): Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 34 pages.
Date:   200?/12/29

I'm not too certain about most of the information about this doujinshi. What year was it published? Heck if I can tell. What's the circle's name? Hmm, I think that bit there is the circle, but I'm not sure. How does the title translate? That I'm moderately confident of, since the grammar is simple enough even for me. One thing I am absolutely certain of, it's 34 pages long!

Another day, another gag doujinshi. Some of the gags are entertainingly strange, such as one in which Cid takes off his W-shaped moustache, attaches it to his forehead, and starts posing like a superhero. In another Salamander's hair rapidly grows out of control, turning into an afro the size of a hot air balloon.

There are several vastly different art styles here. One is very doodly and shows no sign of having ever used reference material. Another reminds me of Robert Crumb, something I never thought I'd see in a Japanese publication. And then there's what I've come to think of as pretty typical doujinshi art.

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