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Doujinshi commentary: Maniac Junkey 4

Circle:    2Capsule Zone    Maniac Junkey 4: Front Cover
Type:   Light shounen-ai, gag doujinshi. 42 pages.
Date:   2000/12/29

This doujinshi is dated December 29, 2000. However, my copy also lists a second edition on January 28, 2001, and a third on May 5, 2001. I'm not sure if these are just different print runs of identical books, or if there were changes between the editions.

On to the content. As part of the Maniac Junkey series, this is a gag doujinshi plunking characters from Final Fantasies 7 through 9 into a school, some as students and some as staff. Wackiness abounds. The "disciplinary squad" from FF8 gets on Salamander's case for his dreadlocks and beard. Zell and Vivi (who, as usual, looks a toddler) are reluctant to dissect an oglop in class, and only after Tifa goes overboard showing them how to do it does she realize that this particular oglop has a moustache. Kuja, the fine arts teacher, adores himself in a mirror, and later has his art class use him as a model. (Having worked as a model for art classes myself, I can tell you that Kuja's gonna regret that arm-out pose. It's gonna hurt to hold it more than ten minutes.)

Zidane is a particularly cute and energetic kid here. He is part of a running thread, starting with Sephiroth's class, in which the subject of the day is... "same sex love." Cloud, Irvine, and Squall look bored (and maybe a little nervous) about the topic, but Zidane jumps up and starts asking all sorts of questions. Later on Zidane pops into Dr. Vincent's office and, with all the pride of a kid showing off an appendix scar, pulls his shirt up to show what looks like a bullet-riddled torso. The kid doesn't seem too mind being injured too much, so Vincent tapes a big ol' bandage to his front. Then Zidane hears Cloud and Squall arguing in one of the clinic's sleeping rooms, pulls the curtain back, and loudly asks if this is some of that "same sex love" stuff. Later on, Eiko and Vivi, who are hiding by the bleachers and drawing, see Sephiroth and Irvine kissing.

Oh - true to the Maniac Junkey tradition, Vivi cries in this issue. He doesn't go on a hysterical jag as he has in others, but he cries twice to make up for it.

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