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Doujinshi commentary: Number IX

Circle:    Genji Pie    Number IX: Front Cover 
Type:   PG, gags & serious story. 70 pages.





Here we have the first non-normal doujinshi I'm posting here. It has some sexual content, but it's all non-explicitly drawn and used in the name of humor, so in my mind it falls into the dirty-joke category rather than yaoi. For example, Blank gets the bright idea to entertain Queen Brahne with something other than a swordfight, and lo and behold it works. In another Quina goes into trance and uses hir, er, signature attack on Zidane, doing harm only to his dignity. There are plenty of G-rated gags as well, many dealing with encounters with the Gimme Cat and Ragtime Mouse, and meetings with the moogle that resides in the Lindblum Inn.

The serious story in this doujinshi is "God Hand." In it, Vivi is in bed in Lindblum, thinking about his recent adventures with Zidane. From what I can read and the imagery used, he appears to be thinking about the size and strength of Zidane's hands, and the smallness and weakness of his own.

There are also quite a few pages of material that I would classify as miscellaneous but kind of amusing. Moogles go insane playing the game - and I can't blame them, because they show some familiar murderous scenarios on the TV screen, such as an early encounter with a Grand Dragon, and later Nekron. There is also a bit with Kuja laughing hit head off at a comic starring peculiar onion-headed creatures; I'm assuming that this is product placement at work.

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