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Doujinshi commentary: Welcome to Paradise

Circle:    Oblaat    Welcome to Paradise: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, mostly serious stories. 40 pages.




This doujinshi starts out with a short piece featuring Salamander (Amarant), Vivi, and Eiko, on their way up the Iifa tree. Salamander grumbles about looking like a daddy to these two kids - and he does have a point, since not only does he carry them up the trunk (he ties them to the ends of his belt) but they also claim him for their naps. In another, Kuja plays an evil prank on Salamander... he restyles Salamander's hair, combing out his trademark dreadlocks. The final story is a conversation in an inn in which Zidane recounts to Garnet, Freya, and Eiko the discovery of the Black Mage factory in Dali and the subsequent battle with Black Waltz #3.

This doujinshi includes the teeniest Vivi I've seen yet. People tend to draw him smaller than he is in the game, but here he looks like a toddler! If he shrinks any more he could be mistaken for one of his own UFO catcher dolls.

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