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Doujinshi commentary: Private Soul

Circle:    NGWORLD    Private Soul: Front Cover


Type:   Normal, gags & serious story. 26 pages.

The events of this doujinshi take place in Dali, starting from when they emerge from the ice cavern and see the city in the distance. Dagger renames herself (apparently to something that doesn't exactly thrill Zidane). They go into town, Dagger talks to the shopkeeper to learn how to speak informally, and later the two talk while Vivi and Steiner watch from hiding.

This one has a distinctive art style, one that I've heard complaints about from non-anime-liking friends - long pointed chins, haystack hair, great big shiny eyes. (Look at Zidane in the upper right panel on the page linked above to see a good example.) It doesn't bother me; I'm used to various anime styles, and as long as they get the point across, they work for me. But when I look at the art from the point of view of someone who isn't, it starts looking, well, strange.

At the end of this doujinshi there's a two-page spread showing the player characters, including those who hadn't joined the party by Dali and thus aren't in the stories. Among them is a nervous-looking human Vivi... who has an enviable suntan. This struck me as funny, since you'd think that the hat shadow that hides his face in impenetrable black even when he's looking right into a light would prevent that, wouldn't you? (Note - the scan makes it look darker than it is on paper. It does look like a tan in the doujinshi. Honest.)

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