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Doujinshi commentary: Rescues

Circle:    Sakana Nekono    Rescues: Front Cover


Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 34 pages.

In one of the gags that begin this doujinshi, Zidane lifts Eiko and Vivi on his arms, impressing them with his strength. Salamander looks around... and then demonstrates his own strength by lifting Steiner and Quina under his arms. In the serious story, Vivi runs out of MP during a battle, causing his firaga spell to fizzle. He feels rotten for having let his friends down, and Eiko doesn't help by yelling at him afterward. That night, Zidane sneaks Vivi out of the inn, and they go to the pub and talk. Zidane clearly isn't upset with Vivi. There's a nervous moment when Dagger comes in, angry with Zidane, but Vivi smooths things by talking to her.

Poor Vivi. Yeah, when he runs out of magic points he's not much use in a battle, and it's a nasty surprise when you're battling a vepal. But Eiko really tore him a new one for it. Like she's never run out of MP while casting emergency healing spells or summoning eidolons? (She sure has in my game!)

The title fits the main story rather neatly. Zidane rescues Vivi when his magic fails by jumping in front of him to intercept a blow, and later Vivi rescues Zidane from Dagger's wrath. Which is the scarier situation? ;)

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