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Doujinshi commentary: Ride On Shooting Star

Circle:    Puzzle Mania    Ride On Shooting Star: Front Cover


PG, gags & serious story. 30 pages.
Date:   2000/12/29

This doujinshi features a human style Vivi both on the cover and in the content. And he is a cute one, even though his hair changes color from light to dark between stories and the cover. But, hey, if I'm going to nitpick I might as well point out that I'm not sure what this circle's name is, as on the back cover and page 3 it's printed "Puzze Mania" but when it's written by hand on several other pages it's "Puzzle Mania."

Er, I should be talking about the content, shouldn't I? This doujinshi is very Vivicentric, which is always a good thing in my opinion. In the first gag Zidane snatches his hat, and from then on Vivi is drawn human style, though he gets his hat back. Eiko persuades him to wear the Moogle suit, he gives himself and Zidane afros with a close-range Firaga spell, and Eiko puts Mog's ribbon in his hair in some of the other gags.

The serious story concerns Zidane and Vivi. Eiko apparently says something which gets Vivi very worried about the nature of his relationship with Zidane, and in one panel earns this doujinshi a PG rating with an image of his fears. (It's followed by a rose with a broken stem, and you probably know what that means.) Zidane finds him standing outside at night in his pajamas and, after talking, tells Vivi to close his eyes. Vivi fearfully acquiesces - and Zidane lightly kisses his forehead, and that's all.

Overall, this is a very cute doujinshi. I almost wish that one panel mentioned above weren't there; it does taint the rest of the comic with a very unhappy image, and I like to think of Vivi as a little more innocent than that. That one panel aside, I really liked this one, and I'd like to see more by this circle. As this is their third fan book, I know there must be a few others.

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