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Doujinshi commentary: The Resurrection of Soul and Fate

Circle:    Dear Fellows    The Resurrection of Soul and Fate: Front Cover


Type:   Normal, serious Story. 58 pages.

There is just one story in this doujinshi, but it's a long, ambitious one. Kuja, Tantalus, the military forces of Alexandria and Lundblum, the magic of Micidia (Mysidia, in which the Genomes and Black Mages now live), and of course Our Heroes team up to destroy the Iifa Tree once and for all. Which seems like a pretty good idea, considering what its real function is, doesn't it? In this story Mikoto seems to have gained magical powers. The Black Mages are led by a Vivi-type mage named Zaza. (Where is Vivi? He is discussed at some length more than once, but he doesn't appear on camera as far as I can tell. I fear that, as in so many other stories, he's dead. If so, we're spared the usual image of his hat on a grave marker this time around.)

I like how this story included so many different characters. Most doujinshi stories I've seen - like much of the fan fiction I've read - use just the few characters the author or authors are interested in. It's easy just to forget that all those other guys are out there; as a fanfic writer myself I know that juggling what seems like dozens of characters can be a difficult task. I'm glad when people at least make the effort.

The back cover features an unintentionally hilarious bit of Engrish, especially considering the context. As the listing of other doujinshi by this circle includes the title "Bone to be Wild" I assume that the "bone" on the back cover is supposed to be "born."

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