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Doujinshi commentary: Run! Run! Run!

Circle:    Haruri-Sha    Run! Run! Run!: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, humorous & serious stories. 30 pages.



The first story is about Eiko's attempts to win Zidane's heart. At first she tries a love letter. Later on she uses a voodoo doll - not to stick pins in, but to play with while Zidane thrashes in the background. Finally she gets a love potion and bakes it into some cupcakes. This one works... sort of. She didn't look closely enough at the label to see that instead of "hore kusuri" (love medicine) it was "homo kusuri" (gay potion) - and Zidane goes off chasing Salamander.

The serious story, "Lips Communication," appears to take place outside of Evil Forest after its petrification. It's a conversation between Zidane and Dagger. Just when things are getting a bit too heavy Zidane goofs around by pretending to kiss her own hand, but instead kissing his own.

A comment - this doujinshi start out with four pages printed in pink ink. The next eight are in brown, and the rest in black. Also note the cameo appearance by Powerpuff Eiko.

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