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Doujinshi commentary: Shippoppo Rattatta

Circle:    t.P.M.N Pal    Shippoppo Rattatta: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 30 pages.
Date:   2004/06/20

Check out the date on this doujinshi! This is the most recent one I've seen. Nearly all the doujinshi I've found thus far have been dated 2000 and 2001; I never expected to see one done in 2004. There's hope yet. As for the title, "shippo" means tail, but heck if I can puzzle the rest out.

There are some very cute gags in this doujinshi. Zidane, comically overcome by desire, leaps for Dagger, only to be caught by the tail by Freya or swatted to the ground by Eiko and her tiger paw racket. Zidane notices the sword once wielded by a spiky-haired guy, and then gets bonked by Cloud (who has an even bigger sword than usual), who then disappears into a flock of haltered chocobos. Quina, after marrying Vivi, tells him she wants many children - but don't worry, she can cook for lots of people! Later on, Zidane sees Vivi's sons, and is amazed at how many dozens of 'em there are.

I really like the artwork in this doujinshi. It's clean and appealing and comical and not overcute or starey-eyed. The gags are funny. Checking the circle's website, I see among their doujinshi listing only this one FF9 book, but I can hope there'll be more.

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