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Doujinshi commentary: Trip Trap

Circle:    Rakutenslouchy    Trip Trap: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal; gags & serious story, 30 pages.
Multiple Square games.




This is not really a FF9 doujinshi, as it includes stories set in a number of other Square games, including Xenogears, SaGa Frontier, FF Tactics, and Chrono Cross. There is a Final Fantasy 9 story and one image. 9 pages out of 30, for what that's worth.

The FF9 story puzzled me at first. It starts out with Vivi looking over a fence at what appears to be the windmill in Dali. He and Zidane talk, and Zidane hugs Vivi hard. (Awww...) Then they see a bunch of Black Mages sitting on the ground in silent despair. Vivi goes over to comfort them, and they begin to weep softly. This had me confused until I realized that that wasn't taking in place in Dali, as I had first assumed, but in Kuja's palace, right after he'd informed the Black Mages that he would not extend their lives after all. The artwork is rough, the linework especially, but it's expressive, and you can see the characters' emotions without having to read the speech bubbles. (When you're working with Black Mages, that is no small feat.)

There is also an image of a human-style Vivi and Mr. 288. It's a likable picture, but I can't really see Mr. 288 looking like that - Type C Black Mage are rather heavyset. (Update: it's from Happy End., another of this circle's books.)

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