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Doujinshi commentary: Utopia the Wing meets the Moon

Circle:    Dear Fellows    Utopia the Wing meets the Moon: Front Cover
Type:   G, humorous/adventure story. 38 pages.
Date:   2001/8/10

In this doujinshi, characters from Final Fantasies 7 through 10 all carry the story. It's mainly about the male leads, but some others appear, for example the clownlike scientist from FF8 and some Turks from FF7. They find Zidane, and want to research his Genome abilities for their own purposes. There's a battle above Esthar that involves two Turks and Bahamut. And... well, that's about all I can say about the story until I get a better handle on the language.

This story slips out of the "normal" category because one of the characters - who I can't identify for sure, but he could possibly be Vincent from FF7 - seems to have hentai on the mind. We see nothing more intense than a little M/M grabbing and one-sided, clothed kissing, so I wouldn't worry too much about it offending people.

The artwork is pretty nice. Most of the characters are identifiable, although sometimes I had to think about it, and look for telltales like signature hairstyles and costume bits when a character wasn't identifiable otherwise. But the personalities of some of the characters, for example Laguna and Squall, do show up and make the characters seem more like themselves. For doujinshi, that's not bad.

Can anyone tell me what the title is supposed to mean? "Utopia the Wing meets the Moon" is exactly what's on the inside cover, but does this have a significance in Japanese? Perhaps imagery that doesn't translate?

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