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Doujinshi commentary: Wondering Fantasy

Circle:    Asahidenki    Wondering Fantasy: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, serious story (wallow). 22 pages.





Here we have what looks on the outside like a cheery, happy little fan comic. The cover is colorful and shows the characters smiling - well, those whose faces are built that way and for whom it would not be out of character. Inside... is a death-of-Vivi story. While Zidane is making his grand return to Alexandria, Vivi is on his deathbed, surrounded by weeping Black Mages and Mikoto. Kuja gives Zidane the word, and Zidane rushes to the Black Mage village on a chocobo, but Vivi's eyes fade out just before Zidane bursts in. This is halfway through the comic. Heck if I can tell what happens afterward, because 1) what's happened thus far doesn't encourage me to go on, especially since 2) the comic is talky and hand-lettered, and the handwriting is so sloppy I just can't make out a lot of the Hiragana, let alone the Kanji.

I'm not a fan of the art in this comic. The roughness I don't mind; in fact, if it's well done it can create an interesting feel that is a welcome change from the common slick-pretty anime styles. What spoils it for me is the faces. In the above fade-out page, for example, Mikoto looks like a Genome of the Damned, and Zidane's eyes look like Christmas ornaments. "Dead eyes" like these really spoil it for me.

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