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Doujinshi commentary: WYSIWYG
(What you see is what you get?)

Circles:    Chemical Garden & COM(?)    WYSIWYG: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal; gags, serious story, and text fiction. 22 pages.




There are a few gags in this doujinshi, including one in which Zidane sticks Vivi's face with a pin (!) and Vivi deflates. In another, Zidane, Vivi, and Eiko flee from a battle with a yeti. However, Vivi's hat, visible above the tall grass, gives them away when they try to hide.  The serious story seems to be a conversation between Zidane and Dagger in which Zidane describes Kuja's death in the Iifa tree.

This doujinshi contains several short text stories, "Heriopsis" (sic) and "Memory." Text fan fiction is certainly nothing new to me, but this is the first doujinshi I've found it in.

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