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Doujinshi commentary: X-I

Circle:    Seileitoh    X-I: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 25 pages.




This doujinshi has a number of game related gags. For example, in the Evil Forest Blank shows up just in time to join the battle and get incinerated by Vivi, who doesn't seem to have gotten the hang of aiming his fire spells just yet. Zidane gets motion sickness while playing Chocobo Hot & Cold. There is also a comic in which Vivi goes into trance and hulks out, truly a bizarre image. There's also what appears to be a serious story at the end, yet another with Zidane and Kuja in the Iifa Tree from the very end of the game... but on the last page, before Zidane can save Kuja (as he usually does in doujinshi), he calls out, and a moogle falls on his head, knocking him out. So much for that cliche!

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