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Doujinshi commentary: yours ever

Circle:    E-Anbai    yours ever: Front Cover 
Type:   Normal, serious story. 30 pages.




The events of this doujinshi take place mostly in the Black Mage Village, and focus on Vivi, Zidane, and Mr. 208 (sic). While walking with the rest of the group, Vivi trips and falls. Later, Vivi gets up during the night and talks with Mr. 208 at the cemetery. Then the rest of the team meet up with them.

As usual, the language barrier makes summarizing the story decently rather difficult. I did notice that there appears to be a goof in this story. The Black Mage at the cemetery is identified as Number 208 rather than 288. This looks like a careless error to me, caused by the author not using reference material. Mr. 208 is clearly supposed to be a Type C - they are the only ones who carry staves - but without that, you wouldn't be able to tell his type, he's drawn so off model.

Not that I dislike this doujinshi; I just like nitpicking. The artwork is nice, and you can tell the artist is not afraid to draw wrinkles in clothing. These are the rumpliest-looking Black Mages I've ever seen! Makes me want to take up a collection to buy the village an ironing set.

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