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Doujinshi commentary: Zidane Mania

Circle:    Neko2hiki    Zidane Mania: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, humorous stories. 22 pages.
Date:   2000/10/15

This us a small doujinshi, about 6"x8.25", and saddle stapled. But, as these kinds of "homemade" doujinshi goes, it's well put together. The printing is neat, with the sheets lined up and no noticeable spillover at the center line, so it's probably professionally printed, just on a tight budget. By the way, the circle's name, Neko2hiki, means two cats.

The meat of this doujinshi is two humorous stories. Well, I think it's two, but the first one might actually be a set of gags that are not clearly separated. Whatever, it's not as if most of us can do a lot more than look at the pictures, right? The situations include Eiko realizing Zidane is in a bad mood from the catlike thumping of his tail, and Zidane eagerly offering Salamander one of the useless aloha shirts. Zidane thinks he'd be cute; Salamander is not amused. In the second story Zidane finds Salamander in Ipsen's castle by falling on him. Eiko sees them leave together, and gets jealous.

This is not a terribly special doujinshi, but it's pleasant and cute.

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