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Doujinshi commentary: All the Way

Circle:    Tenshin Monogatari    All the Way: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, humorous mystery. 30 pages.
Date:   2002/08/10

This doujinshi contains what looks like a strange little alternate-universe murder mystery, the ending of which I can't decipher, but who cares? The visuals are lots of fun. Eiko dresses up in a gothy version of her usual costume (as she did in in Haru wo Aisuru Hito yo, another by this circle). Kuja lounges about the beach sipping a fancy drink and wearing only a some shades, a speedo, and a lei. Vivi swims wearing his hat, a pair of trunks, and an innertube. Beatrix in a bikini (and a sword that appears and disappears from frame to frame). And, best of all, two of the "victims" are Zorn and Thorn. Couldn't happen to more deserving characters, in my opinion.

If you want to see the Final Fantasy 9 characters at the beach, here's the doujinshi you've been waiting for!

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