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Doujinshi commentary: Lost Melodies

Circle:    Frontier    Fantasista: Front Cover  
Type:   Normal, serious stories. 38 pages.





This doujinshi contains "Vivi Mania 2," the first installment of which appeared in Fantasista. Vivi Mania 2 appears to be part of a continuing story, and I wish I could tell what it was about, but... it's very talky, and it'd take a translator to make out all the dialogue. One thing I am pretty sure of is that it takes place after the events of the game. The characters in this story are Garnet, Zidane, Steiner, Beatrix, and Vivi.

The second story, "Lives," is a bit easier to figure out. At the beginning, Vivi and a Type B Black Mage are looking at a Type A who has "stopped." Vivi addresses the Type B as Mr. 288, but before he can get the whole sentence out the mage also dies. For the rest of the story Vivi and Zidane bury Mr. 288 and talk and mourn their losses.

In the second story, either I'm misinterpreting something or Mr. 288 is a Type B Black Mage. The Type B Mages were the thinner ones with a chainlike belt. In the American version of the game Mr. 288 is a Type C, the heavyset ones with leg armor and golden staffs. Did Mr. 288 change between the Japanese and English versions of the games, or did the author simply goof?

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