Lady Insane, we adore you!

Welcome to Slack & Hash's shrine to Mother Chaos, Queen of De Nulls, Our Lady of Perpetual Motion, Master of the Universe, Toast of the Town, Soup of the Day, Chicken of the Sea... Hexadecimal.

Without her, Mainframe would be so much less interesting.  Megabyte would make his predictable power grabs, Bob would use his greed to foul him up, Dot would be on top of everything (except her own emotions), and Phong would spout aphorisms to anyone who would listen. Hexadecimal, however, throws her own set of random numbers into the equation, and thus makes like more interesting for everyone.

Slack welcomes contributions. She's particularly looking for Hex-centric fan fiction and fan art. If you'd like to contribute yours, or you have other ideas, please contact her!

Bowling, anyone?

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