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Doujinshi commentary: ViVidi-bobbidi-boo

Circle:    Colors    ViVidi-bobbidi-boo: Front Cover
Type:   Normal, gag doujinshi. 42 pages.
Date:   2000/12/29

I was very pleased when I bought this, even before I got it in my hands. I have two other doujinshi from Colors - Midnightknocker and Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo - and I enjoyed them quite a bit. Then this one, which I didn't know existed, surfaced. And it's a Vivi main book. Yeah!

Well, actually, after reading it I'd call it a Quina main book, but somehow I don't think that'd be a selling point if they'd put it on the cover. The main story revolves around Quina's attempts to be a good wife to Vivi, which of course means cooking yummy meals. The problem is that Vivi, Garnet, and Zidane don't consider oglops and frogs to be delicacies no matter how they are prepared and presented. After Vivi waves a phoenix feather over the table, bringing the frogs back to life (and they go leaping everywhere) Quina is about ready to give up, until s/he realizes that there's another, more obvious way to try to please Vivi. Which lead to Vivi fleeing to Zidane's room in terror, and Quina accusing Zidane of adultery.

This is the first doujinshi I've read in which Quina is an actual leading character as opposed to a) someone who reacts to others, or b) someone whose purpose is gags based on frog-eating, gluttony, or hir ambiguous gender. S/he's more expressive than one would expect hir to be, especially considering that hir face is (with rare exceptions) as blank as ever. S/he makes up for that with body language - falling to hir knees in despair, raising hir fists in the air in a fit of determination, and grabbing things with hir prehensile tongue.

Poor Vivi. As with other Colors doujinshi, he's a very nervous, high-strung kid. Also poor Zidane, who faces Quina's wrath at the end of the story. (Vivi freaked out and ran to Zidane, and Quina mistook this as adultery.) Quina looks a bit Muppetty - hir head is built much like Rowlf the Dog's or Grover's head. Just remove the nose, change the eyes, and stick a felt tongue in. Also, while the story is all about Quina cooking, Quina actually eats very little. S/he holds a bowl heaped high with rice, but is more intent on whether others like hir cooking than eating it hirself. In fact, the only thing s/he eats is one frog, and that's when s/he demonstrates for Vivi that frogs are yummy - try it, you like it!

Sometimes I wish they'd nail down Quina's gender so I could use normal pronouns.

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