It's the Snatch Contest!

If you saw the episode "Snatch" on the weekend of October 15th, 1999, you were probably shocked, dismayed, amused, baffled, enraged, tickled pink, or something else by the lack of an ending. Supposedly only one person - someone willing to pay over eleven hundred dollars for a few pieces of paper! - got to see the scripted ending to this episode.

Did we stand for this? Mercy NO!

So, a few brave fans wrote their own endings for that episode, and you, The Reader, voted for which one you think is the best! And here are the entries, in no particular order:

And the winner is...


Here's what some of the voters had to say about it:

Um, I really like the story, "Replicants"! It's a pretty cool ending if ya ask me.

Absolutely loooved Zorak with the trots!
-- Sailor GP

Because, well, it's a good ending. They act all innocent and then it hits them . . . they're all REPLICANTS!
-- Jeff Harris

So, congrabulations to for submitting the winning entry! Not that he or she actually wins anything but our respect and admiration, but what the heck.

Oh, yeah. Runners up. we have a two way tie for first runner up:

What Was the Point of This Anyway? and "The Space Ghost Ending"

And we don't have a second runner up 'cause I didn't want one. Nyaah.

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